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Sovremennye Ecologicheskie Sistemy

Modern Eco Systems

Founder of the market

Our company is the exclusive provider of such services in Belarus

Over 15 years on the market

Our technology is used over 15 years with 100% efficiency

Over 100 facilities covered

Over 100 facilities including retail, warehouses, cafes and foodstuff manufacturers


Sovremennye Ecologicheskie Sistemy

Helps get rid of existing rodents. Does not let new ones inside

No need to bother about new poison

No bad odour

Good to use while people at work. No harm for health of personnel

Class A Energy Efficiency

Absolutely safe for both humans and animals

Maximum efficiency with NO harm to environment

System certified in a number of countries

100% no habituation

High standard of service provided by our company

Flexible pricing


Sovremennye Ecologicheskie Sistemy

"Unique effective though very humane method of fighting rodents"

- Irina Iosifovna, meat factory's chief sanitary doctor

The problem was severe. The building where the supermarket is situated is pretty old which gives very little chance to control the population of rats. We came to the point when the animals were spotted inside the area of sale, which could cause damage to the reputation of the brand... Equipment installed by Sovremennye Ecologicheskie Sistemy helped us to fully clean the building from rodents. In 3-4 weeks we stopped noticing them anywhere around!

- Olga Mechislavovna, supermarket director

We, as any other fresh fruit and vegetables warehouse, once came to the point when the issue of rats and mice became critical. Amount of loss became significant. Rats are very smart, the won't ever eat potatos if avocado is near! Equipment installed by Sovremennye Ecologicheskie Sistemy totally solved the problem.

- Andrei Olegovich, large fresh fruit warehouse handler

Our partners

Sovremennye Ecologicheskie Sistemy

Grodno Meat Factory

Rublevsky Retail Chain

Brest Meat Factory


Radzivillovsky Retail Chain

Krasny Pischevik

Dyatlovo Cheese Factory

Dairy company Novogrudskie Dary

Molochnye Gorky

Rogachev Dairy Plant




Rodny Kut Retail Chain

Bar "Heroes"

Agrotouristic Center Karobchytsy

Skidel Poultry Farm


Belkoopvneshtorg Belkoopsoyuza

Baranovichi poultry farm

Lida Food Concentrates

Beryoza Compound Feed Mill

Lida Meat Factory

Volkovysk Meat Factory

LLC Belmarket Retail Chain

Shchuchin Creamery

Zhodino Shopping Center





Sovremennye Ecologicheskie Sistemy


Minsk, Pobediteley ave. 100-106